Give ‘em flowers while they’re still blooming

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a super lovey-dovey teddy bear who loves affection. And I have no problem with telling the people I love how much I do. Some call me a sap, but I’ve learned that the simplest things make people happy. You’d be surprised how much easier it is to push through the BS and frustration when you have an audio reminder of how much someone loves you. It’s easier to move mountains when there’s someone standing behind you using their [love as] strength to help you push.

Why wait until people are dying, dead, or severely ill to tell them how much you care? While I understand the importance of showing your love and support in critical time such as those, those aren’t ideal situations to share sap stories and affection. They say, “Give people their flowers while they can still smell them.” I say, “Give ‘em flowers while they’re still blooming.” A loved one on a death-bed can still smell the flowers you give them. Truth. But they would’ve had more time to put them in a vase [and, perhaps, watch them grown] if you’d given them a few days, months, or years before.

Adults need just as much attention and displays of affection as infants do. They just pretend as if they don’t or tuck that need behind their ‘grown-up’ egos. And fortunately, I’ve been blessed with friends who don’t mind loving me when people are around. Confession: I doubt myself daily. I wonder whether or not I’ll actually amount to something. I wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to prove those wrong who said I’d never be anything. I wonder if I’ll ever look into a mirror and see beauty staring back at me. I wonder if my dreams will ever come true. And I wonder if the life I live will have touch someone when I’m no longer here. Love holds the power to help me believe in myself. It makes a little bit easier to pursue my dreams – even if the results do not yield success. Those little “I love you’s” give me the strength to fight through the doubt. Those forehead kisses trigger little pulses of confidence. A hug may seem insignificant, but I don’t have enough brain battery power (lol) to count the number of times when a seemingly insignificant hug turned my whole day around.

So thank you to all of the affectionate ‘sappy’ people who aren’t too cool to say you love me. To the people who aren’t afraid to give me forehead kisses in public, even when narrow-minded people give you the side eye. To the friends who believe in me when I don’t have to confidence to believe in myself. It may sound dramatic, but these simple gestures have helped me get to my 4th year in college. I, honestly, don’t think I’d still be here if it wasn’t for your support. God blows my mind. He always knows exactly when to cue someone’s entrance into¬† your life. And He knows exactly how to love you through them. Thank you for being vessels of encouragement. I can’t wait until I reach the top so I can bring you along for a joy ride through the benefits of my success – whether it be finances, travel, or the simple plugging of your name [for my PR-majoring loves].

Food for Thought: If you support a friend when they’re “nobody,” that friend will support you when he/she is “somebody.”

Inspired by: Sallenya, Chiquita, Meshae, Natalia, M Nicole S, , Ishmaela, Kirsten, Christine, Andre`, Patience, Tawanna & Camacho. I will love you forever. Promise I’ll remember you when[if] I make it big.

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    • Ishmela
    • April 2nd, 2010

    Sweeetie! You’re already big to me. The fact that you’re here today and that you gave yourself the opportunity to write this entry is a success to me. I know how you feel. You know I know how you feel. We’ll make it though. I don’t know when. I don’t know exactly how. But we will. I love you, too, my dear. *MUAH*

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